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About Jessica Luce
My Process


Do you photograph more
than one dog at once?

Yes! My basic packages all
include photography for up to
two pets
and all of your human
family members at once. 

Additional pets can be added
for a fee of $25.00 per pet.


Do you photograph cats or
other family pets?

Absolutely! I love photographing

cats, lizards, birds, fish... Any

animal that holds a place in your

heart deserves to have their time to shine in front of my lens!



What if my pet doesn't sit still/has a disability/is really old/is a crazy puppy?
Not to worry! I will capture the true essence of your dog's personality, and I'll work my magic to help your pet pay attention to me when I need him to. My aim is always to photograph your best friend doing whatever they do best, and if that means jumping in the air or falling asleep in your lap, I promise to give you a breathtaking image of just that!


Whoa, $250.00?! What do you do that is worth that much?!

I know, $250.00 for an hour or two of photography can sometimes cause a little "sticker shock." However, please consider all the work that's done before and after the session! A typical session involves around 8 hours: preparation and planning, client interaction via email and phone, location scouting, the session itself, editing in Photoshop, backing up your files, and preparing and uploading your web gallery. That’s really only $25.00/hour. When you factor in the cost of equipment, my education in Commercial Photography, the years of experience and expertise I own, file storage, taxes, insurance, etc., it’s even less than that. The price of your session, prints, products and files are the sole way for a photographer to make a living. So, I charge what I do because I love what I do and I aim to continue photographing pets as a "bread-winning" career!

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