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About Jessica Luce
My Process


Pet photography, for me, is the best

of both worlds; I get to meet and play

with animals every day and make a

living creating art with them for their

owners! I've never met a pet I don't

adore and I often get told, "Oh! Fluffy

never takes to people but she loves

you! You've got something special

about you..."

I think that "something special" is

simply an inherent understanding of

how animals work, and I consider

that one of my creative assets. 


I graduated from Portfolio Center's post-graduate program for Commercial Photography and knew before I even got my hands on the diploma that pet photography is what I'm meant to do! My sincere love for animals of all breeds combined with my creative passion for photography birthed a career that I wouldn't dare trade for anything else.

Pet photography is a very particular niche... the animals run the show and I get the pleasure of documenting their antics! Whether your pet is lazy and cuddly or hyper and distracted, or anything in between, my goal is to capture your favorite companion in a way that will make you smile. You'll want to show everyone these photos - and show off your adorable, silly, and handsome pet!

So Fido, Fluffy, Spike, or Cupcake: tell your mom and dad to book an appointment! They will find something special in my talent, and remember you fondly forever in photographic artwork. 


Jessica Luce is an active member of the Professional Photographers of America and donates her talent to local rescues. She has been a contributing freelance photographer for Pup Culture Magazine and Pet Pages Atlanta.

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