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About Jessica Luce
My Process


As far as the process of working together, I typically like to chat via email, in person, or on the phone before we have the shoot. Together, we'll decide on a location for the shoot as well as a time and date. I'll ask you about what you like most about your dog (anything he does that you just can't help but want captured or anything you don't want me to get), and I'll ask if there's anything he's drawn to for bribery so I can bring a special treat to get his attention!


Once we've chosen our location, time/date, and the day comes to meet up, I usually spend about 15 minutes without my camera, letting the dog get comfortable with me in his space and learning what he responds to from me. I'll pick up my camera, decide if I need any additional lighting, and start snapping away!


The dogs run the show, so I take cues from them: they usually pay attention to me for about an hour (but shoots aren't limited in time - I'll stay until I've gotten the best shots I can get!). In that hour, I typically shoot about 300 photos, but be forewarned: not every shot i get is going to be a winner! Dogs move quickly, so I shoot in bursts so that if they blink or turn in the middle of the shot, I still get it. I'll let you know when I'm happy with what I've got, and we'll call it a day. 


I usually start to process the files within 24 hours, carefully choosing the best photos and editing them in Photoshop. I'll convert the files as applicable for the package you choose - to be used on web or for print - and you'll receive a web proof gallery to see all the wonderful images of your pets. I work with a professional company to have your prints fulfilled, and they'll arrive at your door shortly after you order your prints. 


All in all, it's a fun time for you, me, and your pets, and I can promise you some unforgettable photographs of your dog!


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